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How To Get Free Weight Loss Surgery In The USA

In the USA, the best ways to get the benefits of losing weight, without actually having to put forth and real effort, or money. Methods Of Zero Cost Weight Reduction Surgery Free Trial Garcinia Cambogia Pills- Seen Here Free Trial Metabolism Boosting Pills- Seen Here $0 Liposuction Alternatives- Seen Here Tummy Tuck Belts- Seen Here […]

New name for Campus Crusade

Campus Crusade for Christ, publisher of EPA-member publication Worldwide Challenge, announced that its organizational name within the United States will change to Cru over the next several months. The July 19 announcement was made to staff members during the organization’s U.S. staff conference in Fort Collins, Colo. Cru, a shortened form of the word “Crusade,” […]

EPA welcomes new members

EPA’s newest publication member is Comment Magazine, a daily online publication with a twice-yearly print edition. Published by the public policy think tank Cardus, Comment’s purpose is to serve Christian leaders and culture makers with rooted, fresh ideas for the faithful practice of North American public life. Leaning on 2000 years of Christian thought,” its […]

Start stacking dimes!

As periodical publishers are moving toward offering digital distribution of content, we’re discovering that a financial model that works for print often falls short in the virtual world. Online advertising doesn’t bring in the same level of revenue as print, and readers are resistant to the idea of paying for content. So when analog dollars […]